Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sliding into The Slider House

It never hurts to walk into an eating establishment with low expectations, and mine certainly were on my first visit to Midtown's The Slider House. It rests on the ground floor of the building that houses the much larger Soulshine Pizza Factory, and shares an owner. I might not have made it in, at all, but my friend Rose Laycox, of What the Pho? had a MySceneDeal coupon so I was happy to be guest. It wasn't long at all before I returned as a paying client.

For apps Rose chose "Border Bites," fried onions & jalapeño peppers, and I ordered up the "Champagne of Beers Cheese Dip." I chose the wiser, as the queso was yummy and came with house-cut potato chips. The fried dish was nothing to write home about and its contents would probably have been more enjoyable sauteéd.

The sliders were a pleasant surprise for the most part. I opted for a Shotgun (cheddar on beef, with chili on the side), Muchacho and "Fanci Grilled Cheese" (smoked gouda, Swiss, cheddar, jack, and goat cheeses). I was expecting typical not-much-flavor burgers but these little guys actually did have the beef. It showed especially well on the Shotgun, but got overshadowed and overpowered on the Muchacho, which just had too much going on with habañero Jack cheese, pepper action, and avocado. Also, in most cases, the burgers weren't so well done there was no pink to be found in the middle.

On a subsequent visit, I added the Black & Blue and Old Hickory burgers to my palate. Both were enjoyable, with the B&B adding zing without overwhelming the burger. Old Hickory is reminiscent of Burger Up's "Woodstock" ie, adds bacon & bbq sauce.

 The grilled cheese consisted of a cleverly inverted bun and the four cheeses. It was mostly what I'd call "interesting" until getting to the center, where the goat cheese was prevalent enough in the mix to add strength to the bite.  The fries were a mixed bag. Fine the first visit, but on the second, I felt like I'd been given the bottom of the batch.

Approx $15 per person w/o alcoholic beverages

1907 Division St Nashville, TN
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