Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Locally-sourced, Grass-Fed Burger in Antioch? Yes, Antioch!

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360 Burger, in their own way, are the true revolutionaries right now in the Nashville restaurants'  burger business. 12 South, East Nashville, Sylvan Park, all have restaurant and tavern owners who set up their shops in firmly foodie-educated, BoBo territory.  The scions of the Swett Family, David & Patrick, come from a family of restauranteurs with 60 + years of Southern cooking under their belts, in neighborhoods many don't like to step into until gentrification is already well underway. The Swetts have traversed from the North to the South side, and brought good burger along with them.

 I neglected to bring a camera; my burger buddy Michael Higgins may save the day, yet. Here's going for the score, in the meantime:

Juiciness - 6.  
Kind of on the low side, here. The burger was plenty moist, but not exactly juicy. On the plus side, you won't have to worry much about dribbling.

Flavor - 9. 
Wow, really big beefy flavor, with a little kick that makes me wonder if there isn't a tiny amount of additive, along the lines of an onion soup mix.

Attractiveness - 7. 
360 offers a near picture-perfect burger. I'm not a huge fan of pretzel-dough buns, though, and there was the issue of pre-shredded lettuce.

Atmosphere - 8. 
Nice looking tavern that gets plenty of light from the front window wall. Because this is Antioch, after all, I'm not removing any points for it being in a strip mall.

Digestivity - 10.
While we all love good burger taste, no one really wants to taste it for the rest of the day. I've been to 360 twice now, and the star attraction went down clean and stayed clean, each time.

Overall - 8.
Congratulations Antioch! If you wish to say now, that you have a burger joint for hipsters, you can. Other bonuses: Yazoo on tap, and great service, too.

Note on the sides: I've tried the fries, chili cheese fries ("what was I thinking?"), and one of Michael's onion rings and wasn't very impressed with any. OTOH, I went for the burger. 

360 Burger, Hickory Hollow Pkwy.

 360 Burger on Urbanspoon

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