Saturday, January 11, 2014

Do at Home: Sautéed Japaños

There's a Mexican restaurant with Mt. Juliet and Smyrna (or is it LaVergne? I'm always forgetting) locations, called Margarita House. They've got a nifty little side I haven't seen anywhere else in the Nashville area: jalapeños, sautéed with lime. What I really like about them is the tart lime initial taste, and the heat that comes after.
       When I decided to try it at home, a Google search turned up a YouTube video for the sautéeing part, but left it at that. My solution was simply to, when they were nearly done, throw in maybe 1/4 teaspoon or less garlic powder and when they were really, really, nearly done, a couple teaspoons of fresh lime juice. The juice evaporated within seconds, but left a carmellized coating on the fruit that outweighed the capsacin. I'm thinking perhaps I let the pepper cook a little too long. Still yummy, but when I try it again, I'll add the lime a little sooner and wrap.

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