Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 2: Dalt's - Mary's Notes

Dalt's is one of those places that's so ingrained in your knowledge, if you've lived in Nashville for any length of time, that you almost feel as though you never have to actually eat there to understand the experience and appeal. If that makes sense. ie, it just seems like a standby place in a standby location (White Bridge Road, by Target) that's going to get plenty of traffic no matter what, so you don't expect a whole lot. Dalt's was a surprise. A nice one.

Juiciness: 5. This is where the Dalt's burger got its lowest mark. It was plenty moist, but not very juicy at all, especially for a cooked-to-order medium rare. A few drips on my plate. At least it wasn't dry, though.

Flavor: 8. The bun may have been the greater contributing factor; it was buttered & grilled and added a minor saltiness to each bite. Overall it was a really well-balanced taste (like last week, fixings were mustard and lettuce and cheese - American).

Attractiveness: 6. Pretty bun, good-looking burger but again - factory-shredded lettuce that spills out all over the place. What's up with that?

Atmosphere: 8. Classic-diner-come family restaurant look and we got to eat in a booth.

Digestivity: 8. I didn't feel bloated or groggy at all and could actually concentrate fairly well an hour after eating. On the downside, several hours later, I still feel like I had a burger for lunch. You know what I mean.

Overall: 8. I'd easily return for another.

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