Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day One: Brown's Diner - Mary's Notes

Brown's Diner habitually scores near the top of most published Nashville "best burger" lists, so we went there first. I had a regular cheeseburger with mustard and lettuce.

7. A tiny bit to the point of greasy, but not enough to complain about. I got 3-4 dribbles on my shirt.

6. Nothing to write home about, but still superior compared to the average Nashville burger. It did have some of the beefiness one used to taste before the cattle industry went nuts.

4. Honestly, it was kind of sad-looking. The lettuce was the pre-shredded variety and not the freshest.

8. Awesome dive. Dark, wood-paneled room with tile ceilings and you just know the place would have been completely filled with smoke back in the days when it was still legal to be. Also, great service from our waitress and I might add that my burger was cooked perfectly to order.

8. For right now. There's still another nine minutes to go, but overall I'm pretty clear-headed and non-lethargic.

7. An additional pleaser was a normal-person-sized drinking glass, Pepsi - not Coke, an anomaly in the South - and no straw to encourage over-indulgence.

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  1. Great Read! Cant wait until you dwindle down to what was the best and then I will visit it. Try to focus on the bun for me, being from WI many times it was toasted and buttered heavily, which was awesome.

  2. Hey Bryan - I'm pretty sure Higgins is more of bun man :)

    As for Brown's, the bun was ... there. Nothing special.