Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 7: McCabe's Pub - Mary's Notes

Some people, when they don't like a thing, really really really hate that thing and have to let the world know.

I'd rather just forget, and that's why it's taken so long to get around to posting my notes on the McCabe's Pub burger. I do want to point out there are other things on the menu: I had, as an appetizer, a plate of nachos and found it far preferable to the burger.

Juiciness - 6. I can't remember too much, it seems like it was adequately moist because ... (see below)

Flavor - 3. It didn't have very much, and this may have been because the burger nearly mooed at me! After spending a weekend in North Carolina where they have to, by law, serve medium well, you'd think one might better appreciate a rare burger. I do appreciate that McCabe's serves a rare burger, I just wish they hadn't served it to me, because I ordered medium rare. The other issue is that they had Dijon mustard out and Dijon doesn't really go well with cheddar. An alternative would have been nice.

Attractiveness - 7. It looked fetching. 

Atmosphere - 5. Something about the place reminds me of 1970s suburban basement.

Digestivity - 6. Really, I can't remember. See above.

Overall experience - 5. I'd go back, but would have something else off the menu. McCabe Pub on Urbanspoon

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