Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hard Rock - Higgins

"The regulars can’t keep away from the Hard Rock Cafe” Carol King

Hard Rock Café Nashville certainly does NOT feel like Nashville. I hadn’t opportunity to go since they remodeled. It looks hip in a we’re-not-really-trying sort of way, cool and expensive… Coupling the new look with the fact that the Hard Rock kept their employees on payroll while they shut down to remodel (all they had to do was put in the same hours with a volunteer organization.) I really should be coming here to support that kind of franchise.

The Digs: The new place looks bigger and really pulls you in. I noticed in my conversation with Mary that the music was loud ‘above our head’ but not so loud that we could not talk at the table. You can get a private conversation in without a bunch of people hearing it. Took a sec for the server to get to us, but hey they opened 5 minutes late too.

At First Sight: I went for the ‘regular’ 8-dollar burger. Medium rare done nicely. I HAD TO PUT ON MY OWN MUSTARD. That’s not a hardship but it’s just nice when they ‘make’ a burger how you ask them! Toasted bun - It was a burger ready to go.

At First Bite: The medium rare meat had good flavor but was reminiscent of a ‘good patty’. The bun was toasted but I think it had been toasted during prep and held so it could be fresh. It was NOT stale mind you but it seemed to be ‘pre-toasted’? It didn’t soak up all the burger juice I was getting from that burger. The condiments (mustard, pickle, onion) mixed well.

The Finish: I would not turn this burger down. Add to that the feel of the place and it’s a great place to get a burger or anything else you might want to pay a little more to look cool whilst eating. In the end, the burger was fine but not the greatest. Given the surroundings, I am glad to say I want to come back and have another. Cool Place.

Score: 6.8

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